The Top 5 Hacks of a Street Food Vendor

Little Bao Boy has now been trading for a year, and its safe to say that we have learnt a lot over the past few months about trading, and how to make our lives that little bit easier when we are on the stall. We thought it would be a great idea to share our top hacks when working on the stall, although we are sure there are LOTS more hacks out there, these are the ones that we think help us out the most. We hope these little tricks help out any new traders!


Do not underestimate how much you will appreciate a stool or a chair at the stall. Some days are incredibly long, and being on your feet sometimes all day and night can take its toll on you. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to just sit down for 5 minutes to take a load off of your feet… if you get a chance that is.


These handy little pieces of plastic can help you out in so many sticky situations, and keep practically anything held together. We cannot count the amount of times that these little white pieces of joy have helped keep our stall on top form when the weather is sometimes not on our side.


We have seen many stall owners doing the same trick… and it really helps! Simply thread a bungee cord through the centre of your blue roll, and clip the two ends of the cord onto the top of your gazebo! It really is as simple as that, but enables you to unravel the blue roll quickly and easily without having to get the blue roll wet.


These are a lifesaver when it comes to really holding down some of your equipment. We use them mostly to keep our menu boards attached to our tables, or to the stall. However they can also be used to tidy away any wires you may have to have on the stall.


Some stall owners run off just gas, so may not need an extension cable. At Little Bao Boy, we run off of a mixture of gas and electricity, depending on what event we are at, and what kind of location the event is held in. Having electricity on the stall really helps with things such as lighting. It's all well and good having an extension lead… they are great. But having a back up extension lead is ALWAYS a good idea. Making sure that we have back up extension lead has helped us out on a couple of occasions. It also means that you do not look unprepared to the event organisers, and saves the embarrassment of having to ask for more, and avoids running the risk of looking unprepared.

These are our top 5 tricks to use on a stall, and are things that we make sure we have with us on every event, because anything that helps to make your life that little bit easier makes for a smoother, more successful event.


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