A Cracking start to 2018!

Welcome to Little Bao Boy’s first ever blog! We have decided to start writing a (fairly) regular blog to give people an insight into what it’s like in the independent food industry, and also give you an insight into what is going on at Little Bao Boy HQ!

It has been 1 year since Little Bao Boy first opened, and what a year it has been!

The aim of Little Bao Boy is to bring some fun and fresh ingredients into the spotlight. Using family recipes, adapted to suit the modern needs of the foodies in Leeds and the North! We would like to think we have done exactly that.

Coming into the independent food industry was at first daunting. The food scene in Leeds is massive and getting ever more popular! We have seen so many independent food pop ups in our time over the past year. One of the most exciting developments in Leeds was the KirkLate food market - which is a fa

ntastic event that supports independent food traders in Leeds once a month.

Working in the industry involves late night and long days. But it is all made entirely worth it by the people you meet. Over this year we have met SO many amazing traders who have been nothing but welcoming and amazingly helpful when times were hard.

A big shout out to Parmstar - our brothers from North who helped us out when our gas bain marie totally broke on us, on one of our busiest events of last year! We would have been well and truly stumped without you.

There are so many fabulous traders that we have had the pleasure of working with (if you haven't tried their food already you should) here's our top 5

Without the help and advice from these lovely lot we would not be where we are today.

The biggest thing that has started our year off with a BANG is our new restaurant aiyo. Located in Hyde park. The restaurant and concept was formed with Little Bao Boy and one of the previous owners of Boss Burgers. It is located in the old Boss Burgers location and has had a full refurbishment. The aim of our new restaurant is to cater to all kinds of foodies, whether it be meat eaters, vegetarians or vegans. We also wanted to make the food affordable to any customer!

Our new restaurant takes inspiration from the traditional Chinese food that James (Owner of LBB) used to grow up eating, with a more contemporary take on some of the ingredients. On the menu there is traditional ch

inese food such as Congi, and soup Noodles which are both VEGAN. We also have some firm favourites on the menu such as Bao Burgers and salt and pepper chips, drizzled in sriracha mayo!

We are so excited for our new opening and so grateful for all of the support we have already had, and can’t wait for another fantastic year. There is lots more to be seen from Little Bao Boy this year so keep a lookout on our social media pages to find out where we will be next.


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